Planetary Projects benefit each and every colony in the planet. Planetary Projects cost increases the bigger the planet is and therefore no costs are included in this wiki page. The planets Minister of Development can start a project as soon as all the necessary resources are donated to the planetary fund. Once the project has been started, it can't be cancelled, so choose carefully!


 Farms are 20% more effective meaning each colony farm produces 120 food.

Maturation Center

 Increases coverage by 200 colonists.

Hospital Network

 Increases coverage by 200 colonists.

Space Beacon

 Makes any infiltrations made by your planets colonies 15% more effective.

Slinkeh Security Grid

 Makes any infiltrations attemts to planet colonies 10% harder.

Orbital Portal

 Reduces traveltime by 1 on all missions.

Dispatch Chamber

 Send troops to planet colonies without the need of shaceships to carry them.

Oribtal Security Grids

 Enables colonies to build Security Grids building.