When you start a new round of Galaxiur, you will receive 8 introduction missions to help you getting started. These missions will guide you to the right direction, but you can do anything you want. The next mission will only unlock once the previous one has been completed.

The rewards are rather small so no player will gain a significant advantage by completing the missions faster than the other. Missions are as following;

Mission: First steps

                    Your first mission is to research Mobile Resource Collectors and build the Mobile Extraction facility.

                    Reward: 5 miner colonists                               

Mission: Mobile Extractors

                    It's time to get a basic income going! Build 10 Ore Extractors and 5 Fuel Extractors.

                    Reward: 250 credits and 50 fuel                               

Mission: Increase your population

                    Training colonists and improving your colony is vital for survival. To Have a sustainable population you should build Food Plants to to support a larger population. Your mission is to have at least 5 Food Plants in your colony.

                    Reward: 10 Technicians                               

Mission: Secure income

                    Upgrade your ore refinery to level 2 to gain some basic income that can't be stolen. Someone might steal those mobile extractors.

                    Reward: 300 credits                               

Mission: Basic protection

                    Build 20 Vikings to protect yourself from Carry-alls.

                    Reward: 5 Additional Vikings                               

Mission: Improved Health

                    Improve your colony health by upgrading your Hospital to at least level 3.

                    Reward: 5 of each trained colonist                               

Mission: Join an alliance

                    The game is all about alliances, find a good alliance and join it!

                    Reward: 500 credits